Solar Panel Handbook now also available in English

Solar Panel Handbook now available

Solar Panel Handbook now also available in English

In the past two years, many people who are interested in acquiring solar panels have downloaded Zonnefabriek’s free ‘Zonnepanelengids’, or Solar Panel Handbook. For those of you whose level of Dutch is perhaps not where you want it to be, we’ve now come up with an English version.

Hessel van den Berg
10 september 2018

The Solar Panel Handbook is a freely downloadable PDF document that explains all the basics you need to know when considering to buy solar panels. In just 18 pages it aims to provide its readers with some objective, verifiable information about solar energy in general, and what to consider when you think of investing in your own green energy system in the Netherlands.

solar panel handbook


Objective Information

From the moment the Dutch version of the Solar Panel handbook came out on our website two years ago, it has been downloaded by thousands of prospective buyers. The feedback we’ve had from readers has been very good: Customers appreciate the fact that the information given is honest and objective, so that they can make up their own minds about whether to invest in solar panels or not, and if they do, which points are worth taking into consideration. 

RoosLately more and more non-Dutch speaking customers have been reaching out to us, which triggered us to create an English version of the handbook. Our customer agent Roos explains: “Whenever I get someone on the phone looking for more information, who doesn’t speak Dutch, up till now I didn’t have much material to give them. And since it’s happening more and more frequently that English speaking customers call us, it’s great to now have a document I can send to them.” Will the document be downloadable from the site? “For now, the best thing is for the customer to just send us an e-mail so we can send the document to them,”, says Roos, “we’re working on translating more parts of the website into English (because now there is only one page), so in the future English speakers will have even more information to read.”

Happy to speak English

We’re happy to be able to provide this service to all non-Dutch speaking people in the Netherlands, so that even more people can learn about solar energy and maybe get solar panels installed: The more people that join in with the energy transition the better! At Zonnefabriek everybody, from sales advisers to installers and after-sales support, is happy to talk to you in English. You can contact us by e-mail on or phone 020-6766614 (the menu is still in Dutch though! Here’s some help: 1 = sales, 2 = service, 3 = planning and 4 = other)

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Steeds vaker hebben onze adviseurs te maken met e-mails en telefoontjes in het Engels, afkomstig van enthousiaste buitenlanders die naar Nederland zijn gekomen en graag ook hun steentje willen bijdragen aan de energietransitie. We vroegen een aantal van hen naar hun beweegredenen om zonnepanelen te kiezen en hun ervaringen met Zonnefabriek.

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