Solar panels

Solar panels: generate your own power

Solar panels in The Netherlands

Are you thinking about installing solar panels on the roof of your house or business? Then get in touch with us. As one of the oldest solar installers in the Netherlands, Zonnefabriek (or: sun factory in Dutch) can help you get the best possible system adapted to your specific needs.

Why choose Zonnefabriek for your solar panels?

  • We always do free, zero-strings-attached house visits before every install
  • We work both with our own installers as well as with long-standing partners and adhere to all applicable quality standards
  • We have a separate service department with its own teams that can come on-site to fix any issues
  • We only work with top quality products that are durable and sustainable
  • Our solar panels have the longest and most comprehensive warranties on the market
  • This has led to our solar installations producing on average 10% more energy than other systems in the Netherlands..
  • ..which leads to high yields and happy customers!

Good investment

Generating your own electricity on your own roof has become extremely simple, and well worth the investment. Thanks to Holland’s net metering system, your electricity supplier is by law obliged to buy back the electricity you inject into the grid at the same price as you pay them for the electricity you consume from them. That means that regardless of whether you’re at home or away when the sun shines, your electricity bill will be substantially lower. And did you know the Dutch tax office will refund the 21% VAT on your investment in solar panels?


Our approach revolves around quality: We believe you can get the most out of your roof if you choose quality in all the necessary steps. That means:

  • a (free) house visit by one of our experienced advisers to check out the specifics of your roof and electrical system,
  • installation by well-trained installers,
  • quality products including not only the solar panels, but also the inverter, mounting material and cabling, and
  • a reliable after sales service

The basics

Solar energy is increasingly popular, even in places that are not well known for their sunny climate. Today’s solar panels have such good rates of efficiency that they can harness the power of the sun even on a cloudy day.

All you need is a suitable roof, either flat or gable, with a fair amount of surface that isn’t affected by too much shade. If the solar panels can be installed facing south, at a good angle, then that would be preferable, but even west- or east facing solar panels can generate sufficient power to make the investment pay off.

The solar panels are connected to an inverter, which converts the electricity produced by the panels from DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current) which can be fed into the grid.

The power produced by your solar panels will flow to whatever electrical appliances are switched on in your house first, and if production exceeds consumption at any given moment, then the excess will pass through the electricity meter back into the public grid. This ‘feed-in’ power is registered by the electricity meter, and when you get your yearly bill from your electricity supplier, you will see that the amount of power fed back into the grid is automatically deducted from the amount of power you have purchased, and you will only need to pay for the balance. If you fit your system according to your needs, you can end with an electricity bill close to zero!


Installation & admin

Installing solar panels is relatively simple, and by far most installations are easily finished in one day. Our professional teams of installers have had all the right training, and with our many years of experience, we know how to complete a solar installation efficiently and securely.

As far as admin goes, the process in Holland is quite straightforward: For all residential installations, a simple on-line registration is enough for your system to start producing. Zonnefabriek can take care of any admin that is required, including the paperwork to get your 21% VAT refund.

Solar panels increase the value of your house

Did you know that installing solar panels increase the value of your house? When a house comes on the market to be sold, European rules dictate that the property’s energy label be published. Having solar panels on your roof can significantly increase the value of the property, in addition to many other advantages.

Zonnefabriek is located in Amsterdam, but has offices and installation teams throughout the Netherlands. Since 2009 we have installed thousands of solar power systems all over Holland, ranging from small residential systems to large commercial installations.

The main brand of solar panels that we install is SunPower, well-known for its high quality, high efficiency solar panels. 

Free Solar Panel Handbook

For more information, please read our free solar panel handbook, full of facts about solar energy and what to look out for when considering investing in solar panels.

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