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SunPower solar panels: 75% more energy

SunPower solar panels are the most efficient and powerful solar panels that are commercially available today. SunPower manages to pack most power into every panel: Read below for more information about the X- and E-series solar panels

SunPower X-series solar panels

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The X-series are SunPower's flagship solar panel. Boasting more than 21% efficiency for the X21 series and even more than 22% for the X22 series it is undeniable that there is no solar panel to be found for the residential market more powerful than SunPower. What does that mean for you? More electricity, more flexibility and a lower utility bill. With their strong copper foundation SunPower panels are durable and reliable. The SunPower X-series exists in the models SunPower X21-345 , the SunPower X21-335-BLK , the SunPower X22-360 and the new SunPower X22-370  and SunPower X21-350-BLK.

The newest addition to the SunPower family is the SunPower SPR-MAX3-400 solar panel with a peak power of no less than 400 Watt-peak squeezed into a single panel! You can download the English datasheet from the SunPower UK website.

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The advantages of SunPower solar panels :

  • More energy per m2:  SunPower X-series produce 44% more energy per solar panel. This means that you can generate more energy on a smaller surface with fewer solar panels.
  • More electricity: SunPower solar panels produce more energy than average panels. They are already more powerful, but also retain their high efficiency during their long lifespan, resulting in 75% more energy per m2 in the first 25 years.
  • More flexibility: Since the X-series generates more power on a smaller surface, you always have the option of adding panels in a later stage in order to increase your production.
  • More warranty: SunPower offers a unique 25 year warranty, which is a combined power and product warranty. If any problem occurs you have the security of an extensive coverage, even though the solid copper foundation minimises the potential for defects.
  • More design: The X-series also includes the 'SunPower Signature Black' panel. A full-black solar panel that seemlessly melts together with your roof. The panel is made up of black solar cells and antireflective glass to avoid any unwanted reflection. 

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SunPower Special Offer - Get your first solar panel for FREE (worth at least €440, depending on type of panel)

Contact us for a completely free, no-strings-attached consultation visit and we will make a detailed calculation of your possible yield. Compare SunPower performance with other solar panels and get insight into:

  • The difference in power and product warranty
  • The long term effect of different investments
  • The required investment for SunPower solar panels
  • Efficiency and Power degradation
  • The best options for your specific situation

All the SunPower advantages summed up:

  • Powerful technology that allow you to produce more and save more
  • 75% more solar energy than other panels during the first 25 years of operation
  • An expected lifespan of 40 years
  • 25 year warranty on the power output of the panels (power warranty).
  • 25 year warranty on the panels themselves (product warranty)
  • Minimal loss of power over the first 25 years (no more than 0,25% per year)

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SunPower E-series solar panels

The SunPower E-series are also a very efficient and powerful solar panel. The panel ranks just below the X-series on most points, but still considerably higher than an average solar panel. The E-series also produces a high yield and is mounted on a copper foundation. The difference between the SunPower E-series and the SunPower X-series lies in the slghtly lower peak power in the E20 which also means the E-series is cheaper. This can make a system with E-series solar panels more economical than a system with X-series panels. The E-series is therefore the perfect choice for a tighter budget. 


  • More energy per m2: Just like the X-series, the SunPower E-series also transforms more sunlight into power than other panels. Less than the X-series, but still about 36% more than average panels.
  • More electricity: E-series solar panels produce more energy and degrade less than other panels. This means 60% more energy than other panels in the first 25 years.  
  • More flexibility: Just like in the case of the X-series, a higher efficiency means you don't need to fill the entire roof space with solar panels in order to get a certain yield. If you want to increase the yield later, there will still be space to add more solar panels
  • Warranty: SunPower offers a unique 25 year combined warranty, covering both power and product warranty

Click on the link to read more about the E-series E20-327/320.  

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