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We're here to help you after the installation
A proper after-sales-service is part and parcel of the quality that Zonnefabriek strives to provide. Zonnefabriek finds it important that once the installation has been completed and the solar panels are doing their work, there is space for proper after-sales care. We'll help you find an answer to your questions and solve any possible issues

If you have questions about your system or if for instance the on-line communication with your inverter isn't working properly, or if your system is displaying a failure, then Zonnefabriek is ready to help. You can reach us by e-mail on service@zonnefabriek.nl or by phone (during office hours) on 020-6766614 option 2: service.

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Getting back the VAT on your system

Zonnefabriek can also assist you in claiming back the VAT (Value Added Tax) on your solar panel system

Claiming back the VAT
Customer service and Contact

Don't hesitate to call us if you want to make an appointment, if you have questions about an offer, or about how your system works.

Warranty information

Find all information about your rights as a consumer and the warranties on your installation and products


Health check for solar panels

Zonnefabriek prides itself on our high level of service. That's why we have launched our Health check for solar panels, which we call the APK (or: MOT in English) because it is similar to a roadworthiness test for cars. Especially for older PV systems that don't have the option to be monitored on-line, it's a good idea to have one of our experts check the entire system and make sure everything is working as it should and that the yield is as it should be. A health check consists of a full inspection of the system according to the official NTA8013 guidelines. We'll use an infrared imaging camera to localize any hotspots. Small repairs will be carried out on the spot if possible. We also offer this service for systems built by other installers. Are you interested in an APK health check for your system? Send us an e-mail on  service@zonnefabriek.nl for more information.