SunPower MAX3-400

SunPower MAX3-400

The most powerful solar panels around

SunPower MAX3-400

Absolute leader in efficiency and power

With SunPower's MAX3 solar panels you're really getting something special on your roof. For years SunPower has been at the forefront of producing efficient and powerful solar panels.SunPower solar panels are the most powerful and durable panels you will find on the market.

The very highest yield

MAX3 solar panels are currently the panels with the highest efficiency available on the market. No less than 22,6% of the energy that reaches the panel in the form of sunlight is transformed into electricity. That allows these panels to reach a peak power rating of 400 Watt-peak!

Strong and reliable

SunPower only uses high quality materials, leading to panels with guaranteed strength. All SunPower panels that Zonnefabriek has on offer are mounted on a solid copper foundation, eliminating the possibility of cracks and other defects.

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Information from the manufacturer:

Manufacturer: SunPower
Type: SPR-MAX3-400
Power: 400 Wp
Dimensions(mm): 1690x1046x40
Weight(kg): 19
Product warranty: 25 years
Performance warranty: 25 years


SunPower leads the way with its 25 year combined producta nd performance warranty. That's why you can be sure that your system's yield will remain high for at least 25 years.

You can download a datasheet with all information about the panels, but we also recommend a free consultation from one of our advisers. Our experts are happy to help you choose which panel best fits with your own personal situation, during a free visit with absolutely no strings attached.

What makes Maxeon solar cells so special?

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