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Focus on quality
Zonnefabriek selects the products we offer after careful deliberation. With our many years of experience in the solar business we have worked with a large variety of products and brands, and we have been able to come to a conclusion on the quality of the different products on offer.


SunPower solar panels are the most powerful solar panels in the world. With SunPower you can harvest 35% more energy from your roof. SunPower's patented technology allows for higher yield, lower rates of degradation and longer warranty periods. Read more about the unique properties of SunPower solar panels

Our Other Solar Panels

Good solar panels are panels that are efficient, durable, and have low rates of degradation over their lifespan. There are so many manufacturers that it can be hard to make a choice. We made the choice for the excellent brand Hanwha Q-cells.

Inverters and storage

The inverter is the intelligent machine at the very heart of every solar installation. The inverter is responsible for getting the maximum amount of energy from the panels in every type of weather, and feeding it into the grid. It also registers the amount of power that's being produced, and sends the data to the internet so that you can keep an eye on your system wherever you are. Zonnefabriek offers solar inverters from two leading brands.


Power from the solar panels is often generated at a different moment than when it is needed. In order to better adapt demand to supply, batteries can be added to a solar system. Zonnefabriek sells and installs battery systems from different brands.