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Expert advice is necessary for a good quote. At Zonnefabriek, we believe a personal visit is key, so we can do a thorough check of your situation. We'll use advanced software to calculate your options and design the perfect solar system for your needs. This approach leads to happy customers and a solar yield that is on average 10% higher than for other systems. If you fill out the form below, we'll contact you to discuss what your options are.

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Solar power in 3 simple steps

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  • We'll give you advice
    We'll give you advice

    We'll come in person to look at what the options are in your house and listen to your wishes. We'll take all the necessary measurements and you'll receive an offer within a week.

  • We'll come to install the system
    We'll come to install the system

    We'll organize everything from start to finish and make sure the system is installed professionally and securely. Of course we'll also take the time to explain how everything works.

  • You start to save
    You start to save

    Enjoy every ray of sun and find out through the monitoring app how much you're producing and how much you're saving. Need any help? Our Service Team is available for any questions you may have.

    Get more solar power from your roof with a personal consultation

    Purchasing solar panels is not something you do on a whim. After all, you don't buy a solar energy system every day. It's a considerable investment  so you want to make sure you choose the right solar system and get a return on your investement that's as high as possible.

    Before you decide to get solar panels installed you need the answers yo some important questions. Questions like: what is the annual yield I can expect, how much does a solar energy system cost, how many solar panels do I need, what make and model solar panel will give me the biggest yield and what type of solar inverter do I need. And then there are the questions concerning feeding power back into the grid, whether or not to use power optimizers and of course how to claim your VAT back.

    Overview of our consultation process

    • Analysis of your house and roof
    • Calculating your energy need
    • Calculating your return on investment
    • Shade analysis
    • Concept plan for installation (inverter site, cabling etc)
    • Explanation on how to monitor your solar energy system on-line