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An investment in solar allows you to save on your energy bill. The power your panels produce is also 100% green energy. Zonnefabriek believes there is more power to be harvested from the roofs in The Netherlands. Our way of working is designed to maximize the energy yield. That's how we turn every roof into a sun factory.
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During a consultation visit we take a look at your wishes, at the roof, at possible shading from ventilation pipes or dormers, at the smartest cabling routes and at how many solar panels make sense for yiou. Everything is measured extensively. That's how we can design the optimal system for you and get you an all-in advice and an offer without any suprises and unexpected extra expenses.

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Installing the system

What happens before and during an installation? We're happy to explain how the installation takes place and what you can expect from an installation by Zonnefabriek,

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Saving with SunPower

With solar panels on your roof you can start saving immediatley. And the more power you get installed, the more you can save. For the biggest saving you'll want to choose the most efficient solar panels available on the market: SunPower solar panels.


eBook Making choices

Have you decided that you want to buy solar panels? Now it comes down to making a choice: which provider has the products that best suit your wishes? On what criteria should you make your judgements? How do we distinguish between different products? In this guide, we want to help you make these choices.