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  • We'll give you advice
    We'll give you advice

    We'll come in person to look at what the options are in your house and listen to your wishes. We'll take all the necessary measurements and you'll receive an offer within a week.

  • We'll come to install the system
    We'll come to install the system

    We'll organize everything from start to finish and make sure the system is installed professionally and securely. Of course we'll also take the time to explain how everything works.

  • You start to save
    You start to save

    Enjoy every ray of sun and find out through the monitoring app how much you're producing and how much you're saving. Need any help? Our Service Team is available for any questions you may have.

    “90% of our energy needs are covered by the solar panels”
    Ed & Rinske Molenaar - Vries
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    SunPower solar panels - 35% more solar energy

    SunPower solar cells technology is the most powerful available on the market. Compared to ordinary solar panels, SunPower panels produce 35% more energy in the first 25 years. the thing that makes SunPower solar panels so powerful is Maxeon technology. This very innovative technology allows a SunPower solar cell to convert more sunlight into electricity than any other panel. For you this means that you can produce more solar energy with fewer solar panels.

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    Inverters & Storage

    Electricity from solar panels is not immediately suitable for use in your house; it needs to be converted from Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC) first. That's why every solar energy system needs one or more solar inverters, that can transform the power from the solar panels into the 230 Volt AC from your wall socket.

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    All the news about solar energy
    Dat zonnepanelen de afgelopen tijd flink in populariteit zijn gestegen is wel duidelijk. Vorig jaar tikte het aantal huishoudens met zonnepanelen in Nederland de 1,5 miljoen aan en in een eerder artikel schreven we dat zonnepanelen nu al bijna 10% van alle stroom in ons land leveren. Daarmee zijn we koploper in Europa. Heeft u de overstap nog niet gemaakt? Dan vertellen we u graag 5 redenen waarom dit jaar het moment is om dat wel te doen.

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    De opmars van zonne-energie is niet meer te stuiten. Na weer een jaar van grote groei is nu al bijna 10% van onze stroom afkomstig van de zon, en loopt Nederland voorop in Europa!

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    Zonnefabriek heeft in het afgelopen jaar weer op een aantal gebieden mooie vooruitgang geboekt: zo kregen we nieuwe producten in het assortiment, kwamen met een nieuwe app en verkregen de felbegeerde scope 12 certificering. Wat voor moois staat ons, en u, komend jaar nog te wachten?

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    Suitable roofs

    A lot of whether it's useful to invest in solar panels depends on the situation of your roof. South facing is ideal, but for a west or east facing roof solar panels can also be a good choice. A roof facing north is rarely a good place to install solar panels. You may also want to give a roof with a lot of shade a miss. Our  Zonnefabriek advisers can help you decide whether your roof is suitable for solar panels

    Confidence when buying solar panels

    As with any other big investment, When buying solar panels you want to be sure that you made a right choice. You want to minimize the risk of defects and maintenance costs. That's why you need installers who know their business, and products with a proven track record. Our installers are specialized in solar energy systems and Zonnefabriek is a certified Zonnekeur company, a certfication specifically created for solar energy installers in the Netherlands.

    Financial yield

    If your roof is suitable for solar panels, then having them installed is usually a very good investment. The return on investment for solar panels is a lot higher than most other investements. How much yield you get depends on the quality of the products you choose. Since solar panels are a long term investment, we recommend that you choose quality products made by solid maufacturers. Calculate your yield!

    Discover the advantages of solar power

    Quality is number 1 in our line of products. Zonnefabriek only selects tried and tested products. That's how you will always be sure of having the best quality. And you'll notice the difference in yield!

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    Financing and subsidies

    With today's proces for solar panels compared to the cost of electricity from the grid, buying solar panels is a great investment even without any subsidy. That's why many people choose to invest their savings in solar panels. But there are more ways to finance your solar energy system.

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